The 206 Express located in Vermont specialize in selling Aircraft. By listing your plane with The 206 Express, (James F. Campbell Aircraft Marketing, LLC ), you increase the chances of receiving the best market value for your aircraft.
  • Our commission is based on the selling price, so we strive for the best possible price!
  • Your aircraft remains under your control, until it is sold.
  • We handle all of the advertising expenses, field the responses, and arrange the sale at your home base.
  • We reduce the hassles of dealing with callers. You can focus on your work, and personal life.
  • We prepare all correspondence, and all necessary documents (Contracts, Escrow, and FAA).
  • The Buyer receives help, with financing, training, insurance, and the logistics of inspecting and purchasing your plane. We are problem solvers!
  • Our reputation draws people who have not seen a specific airplane advertised, but who know our reputation for finding quality aircraft for our clients.

Why list your aircraft with The 206 Express?
  • Our Experience & Success selling aircraft dates back to 1975.
  • Buyers worldwide will see your plane advertised. Our listings have sold to Canada, Central and South America, Lithuania, Israel, Uganda, France, New Zealand, Australia, Haiti, Russia, Germany, and Sweden, as a partial list.
  • We build our business on satisfied repeat customers

We Are Ready to Sell:
  • A proven advertising mix, with long-term, consistent exposure in the market.
  • We share listings with a network of dealers, ready to sell your plane.
  • Our database is filled with active prospects.
  • We are active in the market daily, enabling us to evaluate, and respond to market conditions.

How long to sell your plane?
It can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several months, depending on the plane, the price in relation to the market, economic conditions, and sometimes, the season of the year.

How long will you be required to list your plane?
If you are not satisfied with our progress, you may cancel the agreement at any time with a 30-day written notice. However, we are determined to get the job done for you, and have proven that, with 35 years of success.

The 206 Express located in Vermont specialize in selling Aircraft.